20 Wedding Shoes Tips for The Bride

The bride on the wedding day glued hundreds of eyes, so the girls are always trying to think their way from head to toe. Select shoes for the wedding – not an easy task, because they determine not only the appearance of the bride, but her comfort throughout the day.

There are many aspects of the combination of shoes with a wedding dress – the color, a style, material, presence of accessories and more.

What At First: A Dress or Shoes

wedding shoes bridal

As you know, her dress should be 2 cm above the floor and the height of the bride depends on the heels of shoes. What to do? Despite the fact that the length of the dress depends on the shoes, the choice of style should depend on the characteristics of cut and decoration of wedding dresses, so it is bought in the first place.

After buying shoes they can come to the studio and hem dress to the desired length or select shoes right in the cabin, or to determine the height of the heel and sew a dress for her. Several options, but in any case, the length of the dress should depend on the height of the heels. Otherwise, the dress will look either too short or the bride will have about him stumble.

But there are exceptions to the rule: not uncommon for a bride chooses shoes at a wedding as the main focus, then they bought in the first place. It may be luxury dress shoes or just a comfortable pair in which the bride confidently goes all day, and may be a bright color accent. In this case, the bride simply take them with you to the salon and will measure dresses without having to remove them.

wedding shoes tips

Before you choose your wedding shoes, you need to pay close attention to the style of dress, the fabric from which it is made, and decorative elements. Here are the wedding shoes tips:

  1. If you decide to give preference to the classical wedding shoes, then it must exactly match the color tone of the dress, not unlike a few shades;
  2. Decoration on shoes should match the decor of the dress: it can be lace, pearls or beads;
  3. If the dress is full of decorative elements, the design of the shoes to be more calm and not striking;
  4. It is advisable to choose the usual height of the heel on which it will be possible to easily spend an entire day;
  5. If the groom is much higher than you, you should pay attention to the shoes with the platform, and if the same height, then a minimum heel or ballet shoes;
  6. For a short summer dress more fit sandals or shoes with open nose, and a ballroom – classic boats;
  7. Cloth shoes are not too practical and lose its original top view after a few hours due to dust or dirt;
  8. Leather shoes are best transferred to external influences, and deliver fast break in minimal discomfort when worn, and worn as long as possible
  9. If you later plan to wear shoes after the wedding, then give preference to low-key classic models;
  10. To register, a walk and a banquet you can buy two pairs of shoes: heels and without, the length of the dress is determined based on the height of the heel, not the average.

Wedding shoes should ideally complement the attire of the bride, making it more elegant and complete. Here are some useful tips that will help you find your perfect match.

amazing wedding shoes

  1. By the choice of wedding shoes come with one main question: “Where then I still wear them?”. Once you have decided exactly what you want, feel free to proceed to the next step.
  2. Colored shoes can be in harmony with the elements of your outfit (contrasting trim dress, bouquet or clutch), or may become independent color accent.
  3. If you decide to choose a traditional white shoes, then you have to work hard to find shoes to match the dress svadenogo. They should not be darker or lighter, grayer or yellower.
  4. Accessories in the shoes dozhna blend in with the details of the dress. If the outfit is replete with decorative elements, the shoes should choose a more classic style and restrained decor.
  5. If your dress skirt of thin silk or tulle, it is better to give up the shoes, decorated with rhinestones, otherwise there is a risk to catch and tear the hem.
  6. Do not forget about the venue of the celebration. If most of the time you’ll be in the park with soft lawns, on sandy or galichnom beach  – you should choose shoes without a heel flat shoes.
  7. Go shopping shoes is late afternoon. By this time the legs are already tired, so you can more realistically assess their strength and accurately select the appropriate size.
  8. Choose a heel height of convenience. After all, you have to spend a whole day on their feet, and it does not look tired, but cheerful and happy.
  9. Do not forget about the quality of the product. Even the well-known brands can be uncomfortable and tight shoes. During fitting a little walk in the shoes. You must be comfortable,  despite the height of the heel. Options for “a little too tight,” “a little crushes” – will not be accepted!
  10. How comfortable would you feel yourself not in the new shoes, it is sure to Have time to distribute them to the wedding!Wear them for 15-20 minutes every day at home or at the rehearsal wedding dance.

According to folk beliefs to wear shoes with open nose, holes or fasteners, as they may leak through the family fortune. Believe signs or not, decide for yourself every bride herself, but no evidence of the veracity of beliefs does not exist.

Bright Accent In The Image Of A Bride

elegant wedding shoes for bride

Before you choose your wedding shoes, you need to determine what role in the appearance of the bride they will play: laconic supplements or strong accent. In the second case the shoes do not depend on the chosen dress or other accessories, and is a complete work of art.

They often reflect the personality of the bride: Kitty fans choose pink shoes with cat, listeners Lady Gaga – Alexander McQueen models, Kovboysha – boots with spurs, the angels – shoes with wings on Mellisa, rocker – bright shoes with spikes.

Brave girl put on wedding shoes bright colors most harmoniously it looks like when it is supported by other components in the image of the bride (dress belt, hair ornaments, jewelry, flowers in the bouquet), or the design of the wedding.

This gives the bride a certain zest, distinguishes it among all the others to the same shoes you can always hide under the hem of her dress, and only show photographer for capturing their memories on photographs or girlfriends.

Wedding Makeup Tips for Your Special Days

wedding makeup tips

Glowing dazzling day of his wedding is the dream of every bride, and for this makeup is one of indispensable allies with which to bring light and give a feeling of perfect complexion. Find the right style for your face makeup is not an easy task. Care must be taken not to make the mistake of using a darker foundation than normal, an exaggerated blush and bright colors that contrast excessively.

The first rule is to make all respect the style of every woman. If not are used to makeup can not be selected decorative cosmetics that are overly ornate as the image offered will be very different and the bride will feel uncomfortable.

Another important rule to follow is to have an emergency makeup kit to touch up when necessary. Will be essential as cosmetic base, eyeliner, lipstick and concealer.

In bridal makeup it is recommended not to abuse the blush . Give a touch of color to the face it is important to bring a touch softened the face but the excess is dangerous. You remember that when using this type of cosmetic must do so by placing the brush in a diagonal line on the cheekbone to tune.

light makeup

Choose a light makeup does not mean it invisible because it would not help wanting to appear natural if it fails to deal with the pale face, so if you do not want to wear heavy makeup can choose earthy colors that are perfect for the warm seasons and girlfriends of tanned skin.

One of the mistakes that often make is often the n or adapt the type of makeup at the time of the ceremony. If the wedding is held in the morning to avoid the sophisticated makeup and choose light colors.

On the contrary, if it comes to makeup at night , you can take advantage of the face giving it luminosity specialized cosmetics add shine. Smoked and well marked up with a black eye pencil also give a mysterious touch to the look, highlighting it.

We must avoid also mix colors and combine well chosen to give harmony to the face. If using dark shadows should be used in light colors lip and vice versa.

The use of `waterproof’ products or waterproof are other details that should not be ruled out. This is an exciting day and if you do not want to spoil the makeup because of the tears, is especially important to use water-resistant masks eyelashes. The long-lasting lipstick will also be one of the partners in this important and special day, so as not to lose the charm and show a cool clock face.

On your wedding day you should be yourself, but radiant. Bobbi Brown , professional and beauty expert makeup artist, offers you a look and some beauty tips for that special of “I do” moment.

When you’re about to marry It is not the best time to change view or experience new trends. The makeup trends change as quickly as fashion and certainly do not like to see you with an outmoded look in your photo album the rest of your day. The makeup should be like a party makeup, that is, slightly more pronounced than usual and with more intense colors, even if the wedding is during the day.

Become a nice shade of rouge; rosewood if you’re pale and bright pink for the most brunettes. Use a mask “waterproof” long lasting against tears and emotions. Illuminates the bone just below the brow with a white shade for light skin and in vanilla tone darker skin. The shadows should be clear and halftones. In general, avoid deep shadows.

eyebrows with shadow and brush

Define eyebrows with shadow and brush, without empolvarlas too. Lip brown or neutral can make an effect of “face wash” in the photos. If you’re accustomed to using these tones, apply them base and they added a more intense pink or pink. Even if you mix various lip, book a bar suits you for touch-ups during the event. Use bronzing powder to match the tone of your neck and neck.

Your face must have the same tone as the rest. Do not lay the foundation for the neckline, as it surely will stain your clothing. Avoid makeup with a finish too pearly, since it is less durable and photos shines too. If you hire a professional makeup artist, always requires one or more tests. Avoid last minute surprises! If you want an extravagant hairstyle, this is your chance. Although, first, consider something more natural and simple, like a low ponytail.

It is important to be yourself and be comfortable. In any case, go to the test with the veil or touched you to go out. The skin is the first to suffer the stress of the days before the wedding. To avoid having a face, get enough sleep, how to properly and drink plenty of water.

In addition, exercise, walk, take a dip or enjoy a massage, which are options that will help you unwind. The pink nail polish in transparent tone will be a fresh and natural detail. Plus, it’s easy to tweak if damaged. Become a manicure and pedicure, especially if you go to the beach on your honeymoon.

Choose the fragrance that suits you best. For longer life, body cream uses the same line after the shower. Then vaporizes the fragrance behind the knees, wrists, ankles and behind the ears. What NOT to do – a facial a week before the wedding. – too much sun. A flushed appearance, or be ridiculous bikini marks on the pictures. – haircut or color change drastically the previous weeks. – If you get any granite previous days, avoid touching the face.

Your skin will be perfect if you let solve the problem alone (in an emergency, visit your dermatologist).

What you have on hand – loose powder and puff, to avoid glare in the photos. – Eye bar . a basic tone that suits you.

– Tissues
– Drops to avoid red eyes (even if you think you are not going to mourn)
– Fragrance: a mini size for your handbag.

Have tips? Comment below.

20 Wedding Dress Fitting Tips to Help You Prepare It

wedding dress fitting tips

Time for perhaps the most enjoyable adventure for the whole wedding planning – namely, dress the search! First scans to newspapers and the Internet to figure out which model you like, but that does not mean just you might fit in. Try, try and try again, and trust store staff review for you to be 100% satisfied! Once in the store, there are indeed some “stuff” you need to have with you.

20 points, you may not have thought of, and that you need to have with you:

  1. Shoes with the same heel height as the bridal shoes you plan to wear for the wedding.
  2. Bra without, or with removable straps.
  3. Lingerie that you can happily show you in. Leave thong home.
  4. SHAPEWEAR (for a slimming effect and figure but “folds”).
  5. Shaved armpits and legs (you will have a “close cooperation” with the store’s staff).
  6. Makeup and freshly washed hair, so you feel beautiful and fresh.
  7. If you planned to have the hair up at the wedding, you need to see the dress DEVICES neck line clearly.
  8. Pictures of the dresses you like that you found in magazines and on the Internet.
  9. MUM and bridesmaid, or a couple of friends.
  10. Digital camera or smartphone so you can shoot yourself in the different dresses and browse the photos at home late (but ask the store at first that it is ok to take pictures). Otherwise works a notepad good also for documentation of shop, brands and prices.
  11. Keep the wedding dress hanging free, not in the sun. Fluff up the top and petticoat. If the skirt is provided with rail (position) – make sure it overlaps the channel.
  12. Do hairstyle and make-up done before you dress.
  13. Take the dress by stepping in it – without shoes. Pull up the zipper and button row. hook and loop at the top. These two are the zipper in place. Adjust the bust and drag to any ruffles around the shoulders.
  14. If it is cold – dress warmly underneath. Important for the well-being!
  15. You should be able to walk freely on the floor and on the lawn of your dress, but up stairs must skirt lifted. Bring a lightweight tag by all skirts above the right knee. Lift just over an inch. When you put yourself so happy to lift her skirt a little back so that it is not stretched too much. Try the dress home and “enter” it. Practice!
  16. In a long and at the dress and the volume of the hairstyle, take up more space than usual. Especially important to consider when you are going in and out of the car.
  17. Any gloves on until noon, when they are taken off. Take them back on before you get up from the table. Possibly bracelet you wear on the outside of the glove, the ring or rings are worn inside.
  18. Remember not to splash water when washing your hands. Many fabrics darkens the water splash. Avoid thorn bushes and scratched furniture can cause scratches in the fabric.
  19. Bride bouquet can be full of water. Take it gently so that the skirt does not get wet.
  20. Finally – your wedding dress is a wonderful revelation! To the delight of yourself, your family and your friends. Straighten Up!

Before you book an appointment for testing, call the store and ask how many dresses in larger sizes, they have in place – that way you avoid being disappointed when you get there and your size is not available. Save time and energy by focusing on the wedding boutiques with the most choice.

Do You Have a Limited Budget?

Buying a wedding dress on the internet or used on a Buy-site is one way to cut costs, but if the dress does not fit you may be forced to put out double the amount of changes of a seamstress. In such cases it may be worthwhile to try and buy in the store so you know that dress really suits you and what the final total will be – that is; no unpleasant surprises.